A Falling Out

Fallout: Lanius was another project with Director Wade. K. Savage. Based on a very popular video game, it was a huge undertaking to make sure all costumes and sets were spot on. It was so important to do the source material justice. The final product is great and was well received by the fans of the game so the intense schedule paid off 🙂


Oh No

One Night Only (or ONO) was probably the most physically taxing Film I’ve worked on. The brief asked for a 1950’s Circus set without the “Water for Elephants” budget. The answer was hijacking The Josef Ashton Circus and dressing it to look like a vintage circus. 



This is in no order in terms of when these films were shot but I’d like to mix it up a bit. Hunt was a short film I did with Director Wade.K.Savage, one in a long line of projects. It was a really cool little promo piece prior to a feature that I believe is still in the works. Two girls run from Slavers in a post apocalyptic wilderness…it doesn’t end so well. I mainly did Wardrobe on this one as we found a rather perfect location so Set Construction and Dressing was minimal..woo!